Solitaire, The Famous Card Game From Pre-Internet Ages

Apa? Hello friends, welcome back to my blog, yes, before that I want to ask how are you guys and I hope you are always healthy, friends, in my writing this time I will invite you to play and review card games, how interesting is it, friend?
So the card game that I'm going to review this time is solitaire, those of you who have a PC and in the age of the internet it's not as crowded as it is now, of course you've played this game called solitaire.
Are you remember with solitaire?

The Solitaire game, which is trendy among office workers and students, is indeed here to overcome boredom, the creator of this game is an apprentice named Wes Cherry in 1988, wow, this solitaire game is old.

What is a solitaire game?

Oh yes, I was talking about this solitaire, that solitaire, actually you guys know what a solitaire game is, so the solitaire game is a simple card game with a card arrangement system with a fairly simple mechanism, which is just drag and drop to the right position. , or the nickname is drag and drop.
Although the system of this game is fairly simple, don't think that winning this game is also easy, in fact we need to rack our brains to win it.
Another benefit of this solitaire game is that we can practice using the mouse because the drag and drop system is very suitable for using the mouse.

Let's play solitaire

For those of you who feel bored playing solitaire games that are already installed on your PC or laptop, you can now open the website where you can play light solitaire games without any significant problems.

Play solitaire in this website

The game system is still the same, all you have to do is drag and drop the appropriate card for you to arrange, from the King card to the US card, alternating red and black cards.
For those of you who have never played solitaire, it doesn't take long for you to understand how to play this game, you only need to think for a moment and you will be able to play this game.

Take a peek at other games

Apart from the standard solitaire, on this website there are also several other games that are all related to card games consisting of:

1. Freecell

Freecell is a game that is similar to the standard solitaire game, the only difference being that all the cards in freecell are all unlocked and your job is just to arrange them like in a standard solitaire game.

Freecell game

Freecell can be an alternative if you feel bored playing the standard solitaire game, my friend, and the difficulty level of this game is higher and makes us have to think extra.

2. Spider

Spider solitaire

Spider is another variation of solitaire, all the cards are already open and we just need to arrange them, and if we find it difficult to arrange the cards we just ask for additional cards to make it easier for us to finish.

3. Pyramid


Pyramid is a card game that I have encountered for the first time, we have to choose two cards totaling 13 to be able to finish this game, I think this game is quite easy to complete.

4. Tripeaks

Tripeaks is a card game that is quite interesting in my opinion and also not familiar to us Indonesians, so it is enough to make me curious to play it.

Tripeaks game

The way to play is also quite simple and easy, you just need to press a number that is smaller or larger than the card at the bottom, this game must use a strategy because if until the end there are no more cards that can be matched then we are counted as losers.

5. Klondike

Solitaire with different dificulty

This Klondike is a standard solitaire game with increased difficulty, it's proven that since this article was published I haven't even finished this Klondike game.

6. Golf Solitaire

Even though the name is golf, in this game you will not play by hitting the ball to put it in the hole but you have to play with cards.

Play golf with card

The way to play is similar to tripeaks, the difference is that in golf solitaire we can know the limit of our cards to match them, if the cards we use to match are finished, we are counted as losers.

6. Mahjong

Now for Mahjong this is a game that has nothing to do with cards and solitaire but this one game requires eye and brain coordination to complete it.

This is mahjong

You only need to arrange two images of the same kind until there is nothing left on the screen to complete the game.

Is that all the game?

Of course, apart from various variations of solitaire games, this website also presents a variety of exciting games such as Zuma, a game similar to Candy Crush, then there are also online games such as pacman and tennis, and many more games that you can play as you wish.

This one game that you can play on

What is clear is that you will not be bored when there is no work to do in the office, because you can play a lot of games here.


For those of you who like to play card games, this website is perfect for you to visit because apart from having many variations of solitaire games, here there are also mahjong games and there are also other games that you can play, and the great thing is that all the games here you can play. for free at no charge, my friend.
Well, friends, I hope that my writing about the history of solitaire is useful for you, and I hope that those of you who want to play solitaire games can have fun with the game on the website, friends.(RAA)

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