Digital Marketing Using Youtube? Why not!

Apa? Hi, hi, back with me here, Arif Reviewapaaja, I hope you don't get bored to continue reading articles from my blog, my friend, this time I want to discuss digital marketing using the biggest video sharing platform today, Youtube, what will my discussion be like this time? keep reading this article.

Digital Marketing Using Youtube? Why not!
Use Youtube as digital marketing

As we know YouTube is the biggest video sharing place in the world and not just a place to share videos because many digital marketing practitioners are starting to use YouTube as a means to promote products or you can also call it YouTube marketing.

Youtube marketing, a new strategy in digital marketing

YouTube marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies used to increase sales using the YouTube platform, just imagine that many people use YouTube every day, this means that there are also many opportunities to sell products using YouTube.
Doing YouTube marketing is also fairly easy, you just need to create a channel and make videos related to the products and goods that you sell, friend.
But there are a few things that you need to pay attention to so that your YouTube marketing runs successfully, what are they, I'll check:

1. Pay attention to the title

Paying attention to the title of the promotional video is important because the title is the first thing that visitors to the YouTube channel that you use for YouTube marketing will read.
For that make sure the title you make must be interesting and able to make people curious to click on the video that you make.
To further maximize your title, you can do keyword research first to create a powerful title that will bring in a lot of visits.

2. Write a short and concise description

After the title, the next thing to note is the description of the youtube video that you made for promotion, make sure you write a short and concise description because videos for promotions should not be long-winded and must focus on sales links.
As much as possible, the description is written in no more than 100 characters to get the maximum impact, for that it is very important to include a CTA (Call to Action) and a sales link at the beginning of the description.

3. Pay attention to the tag

Tags in promotional videos are very important because they are the key to the success of the video being seen and visited by many people, for that make sure you use appropriate and relevant tags for the keywords and titles you are using, my friend.

Digital Marketing Using Youtube? Why not!
Using youtube as digital marketing can give huge impact

4. Thumbnails are powerful

To further increase the interest of visitors to watch the promotional videos that we make, it is better to use an attractive thumbnail or main image.
Like a book cover, thumbnails are the things that people are interested in and are the first to be seen by visitors, so make sure there is a link between videos, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails to make sure your YouTube marketing is running perfectly, my friend.

Maximizing youtube marketing

To maximize your YouTube marketing, there are other things you can do, namely:

1. Promo using other social media

What is called digital marketing means that you have to maximize all platforms for promotion, so in order for your YouTube marketing to be successful you have to promote or share the videos you make to various other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Or maybe ucan maximize using youtube ads for more reach for your video? and you can use this best way to running youtube ads.

2. Create a website

Digital Marketing Using Youtube? Why not!
1 propose using Youtube as digital marketing thing, is to get attention

Apart from social media, you can also promote the YouTube videos that you make to your blog or website, by having a website or blog, the reach of your videos as a means of promotion will be wider.

3. Maximize email

And lastly, don't forget email, because other than as a place for promotion, email is also a means to communicate with consumers.
So, to make the promotional emails you send even cooler, it's a good idea to insert the YouTube videos that you made, my friend.


Youtube with a myriad of advantages is certainly very suitable when used as a means of promotion because by using YouTube we can reach a wide market and of course the promotional message conveyed will be more imprinted because it uses video as a promotional medium.
So how are you buddy? I hope my writing this time is useful for those of you who want to get into the world of digital marketing, especially YouTube marketing, see you again in my next writing, buddy, see you.(RAA)

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