The Fun Way to Enjoy Snus

Apa? Friend, do you know or are familiar with the name Snus? wow it turns out that someone knows, this is probably because you guys have read my previous article about SNUS.
Snus is a bag of tobacco that is consumed by placing it directly into the mouth, unlike snus cigarettes that do not produce smoke.

So in my article, I will give you tips that you can use if you want to enjoy Snus, what are the tips? let's listen to my friend

How to enjoy a fun snus

For those of you who have tried snus, maybe you won't be confused about how to enjoy snus anymore, but it's a different story for those who haven't tried it.
For those who have never tried snus, they might be confused about how to enjoy this snus.
For this reason, I will provide tips for enjoying snus:

1. Choose snus according to taste

There are several types of Snus pal, some have a strong taste (which has a strong taste, usually traditional Swedish snus), then there is a mint flavor, and some have a slightly softer taste.

There are several brands of snus that are known for their strong taste such as General Snus, Ettan Snus, Skruf Snus, Göteborgs Rapé Snus, and Grov Snus.
To get to know more closely with various kinds of snus brands you can visit Strongsnusguide, there is a lot of complete information about the famous snus brand and the history of snus, friend.

2. Place it under the lips

The simplest way to enjoy snus is to place it under the lips, usually the most fitting is to place it under the left or right lip, because it can maximize the taste that comes out of the snus.

3. Don't chew it

Don't chew it, snus is not candy, friend, so make sure you don't chew it, this is so that the snus bag doesn't tear and the tobacco inside doesn't spread into your mouth, buddy.

But if you use loose snus don't chew the tobacco, because it can cause the taste of the Snus to be mixed which causes discomfort in the mouth.

4. No need to be burned like a cigarette

Friend snus is different from cigarettes, so to enjoy it you just need to put it directly into your mouth, without needing to be burned and all kinds of things.


After reading my tips above regarding how to enjoy Snus, hopefully those of you who have never tried Snus will understand how to enjoy Snus in a fun way.(RAA)

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