Pay Attention To Installments and Down Payments When Going to Buy a Car On Credit

Apa? Buddy all this time buying a car, either new or used car, what we will do is determine the choice of car and its features first, but did you know that determining the down payment and monthly installments of the car we are going to buy is more important, my friend, why can't you? like that? Because sometimes we are not aware of spending more money than we should to buy the car.

So what should you guys do? For this answer, there is one answer, my friend, that is, you can use a tool called a calculator.
Let's raise your hand first, who doesn't know what a calculator is, yes, buddy, a calculator is a calculating machine with the ability to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and various other abilities, even complicated calculations can be done, but the connection calculator what about buying a new car? Yes, of course there are friends, what is it, you have to see my writing this time.

Why should we buy a car now?

That question is often asked by everyone when deciding to buy a car, why do we have to buy a car now, this of course has something to do with the policy of the Government regarding the provision of incentives for Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) for new cars. quoted from

This is the time to buy a car

The PPnBM incentives are divided into three periods. Each period, consisting of 3 months, has a different amount of PPnBM deductions.
The first stage will be given PPnBM incentives of 100 percent of the cost or 0 percent PPnBM. This period is the most profitable because the number of discounts is the largest.
Then followed by PPnBM incentives of 50 percent of the costs that will be given in the second phase. And in the third stage, the government will provide PPnBM incentives of 25 percent of the cost.
Therefore, the question has been answered why now is the right time to buy a car, now after we answer that question, immediately decide what car you will take.

Car installments must be taken into account so as not to charge monthly finances

After we determine the car that we will buy, be it the brand, type, and condition whether it is new or second, the next thing we have to pay attention to is whether we will buy the car in cash or credit, if it is cash, of course you don't need a lot of calculations. looking for a price that fits the budget, while for credit, of course, there are more variables that must be considered, especially installments and DP (Down Payment).
Because if we don't pay attention to car installments, it's not impossible that these installments will burden our finances which will certainly disrupt our economic stability every day, never underestimate car installments because these installments are forests and responsibilities that must be paid off immediately.
Usually when we take a car on credit we will be given a pamphlet containing a price table, installments, down payment and so on, but what if we only know the price of a car? Of course we will have difficulty determining how much to pay for a car, that's why there is a technology that can now help us, namely auto calculators from

What is Auto Calculator

As I explained above, auto calculators are a tool that can make it easier for us to calculate dp, installments, we can even use these auto calculators to calculate the exchange rate for cars, along with the time period for how long we will make the credit. looks

Simulation using this Auto Calculator is also quite easy, we just need to enter the numbers into the auto calculator and voila, all values ​​ranging from DP, Installments, even tax values ​​also appear with details.

Auto loan calculator


Well, my friend, buying a new or used car, especially by buying on credit, there are many things that must be considered, especially installments and DP, but with the help of technology from the Autos Calculator, of course, it makes it easier for us to determine the amount of car installments and the car DP that we will take with the price of the car.
We no longer need to bother looking for the car salesperson to ask about the installments, because we can already get an idea of ​​how much the installments and downpayment for the car we are going to borrow, so we can prepare the money in advance, my friend so that our finances remain safe without being disturbed by the existence of such installments. (RAA)

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