Buy a house during a pandemic? Here are some tips from the Reviewapaaja

Apa? Friends, the Covid-19 virus pandemic doesn't seem to be over in the near future, even in Indonesia, the prediction of the Covid-19 virus pandemic will only be completed in the next 10 years.
The Covid-19 virus pandemic has changed our lifestyle and the way we do our activities, friend, just imagine that we could be free anywhere without any fear of contracting the Covid-19 virus but now everywhere we are obliged to wear masks, carry a hand sanitizer, and also have to maintain. distance from other people.

Even now we have to work through home, aka work from home (WFH).
If you have a large and spacious WFH house, of course it will be fun for us friends, but imagine if you only have a small boarding room that must be converted into an office, meeting room, to a place to rest, your room will definitely become like a used warehouse.
If that's the case it feels like you want to have a house just right, friend? well for those of you who are interested in buying a new house, especially during a pandemic like now, I have a few tips that you can use, but before discussing these tips there are things that you must know first, friend, what is it? let's see.

Is it right to buy a house during a pandemic?

Is it right if we buy a house in a pandemic like now? To answer this question, we must first know how the property business was in a pandemic.
Even though the economy is in turmoil amid the pandemic, it turns out that the property business is on the rise, what is this based on? the first is a survey from Bank Indonesia (BI) the second from Indonesia Property Watch (IPW).

The BI survey revealed that residential property sales in the second quarter of 2020 experienced a confident decline of around 25.60% (year over year) but this decline was better than the 43.19% (yoy) contraction in the previous quarter.
Meanwhile, according to a consumer survey from IPW revealed that 68.09% of consumers are still interested in buying property, in terms of the property category that they are interested in, houses are 51.06%, then 22.34% of plots of land, 11.7% of apartments, 10.64% of shop houses %, and the rest are warehouses and villas.
For the purchase of a house itself, currently it is still dominated by the middle segment with a price range of 500 million to 1 billion at 29.79%, then houses with a price of 300 million to 500 million at 28.72%, then houses with a price range of 1 billion to 3 billion at 23. , 40% and houses priced below 300 million by 10.64% and the least amounting to houses over 3 billion.
Seeing the condition of the property business that continues to develop during the pandemic certainly assures us that buying a house during this pandemic is not a problem.
Alright, buddy, now is the time for you to find out about tips on buying a house during a pandemic.

What are the tips for buying a house during a pandemic?

Buying a house during a pandemic is not easy, friend, because we certainly will have a lot of considerations before buying a house, that's why consider tips on buying a house during a pandemic a la, what are the following :

1. Check your finances whether healthy or not

Friend, before buying a house during a pandemic, you have to pay attention to your finances, friend, because the economy is uncertain during this pandemic, so make sure your finances are healthy before buying a new house.

For this reason, there are several rules related to buying a house during a pandemic, especially regarding healthy finances, this is as disclosed by financial planner Sam Dogen with the 30/30/3 rule, like what it is:

a. Spend no more than 30%

Friends, make sure the mortgage (installments) that you pay per month is not more than 30% of your gross income or salary, because the 30% of the mortgage that you have issued is quite a lot.
This 30% figure also provides an opportunity for us to allocate the remaining funds we get from gross income or salary to other posts.

b. Save 30% of the price of the house before buying it

Friend, before buying a house during the pandemic, it's a good idea to prepare 30% of the house price, this is of course to reduce the monthly installments, with low installments, of course, it will make it easier for you to pay in the midst of an uncertain pandemic.

c. Home prices should not exceed 3x your annual gross income

Friends buying a house must be adjusted to the income you have, and try to buy a house that does not exceed 3x your annual gross income.
This is because it prevents you from increasing your debt, and also prevents you from expensive property taxes and maintenance fees.
Apart from that, you can consider houses that really suit your finances by filtering out houses whose prices do not exceed 3x your annual gross income.

2. Determine what the house is for

Before buying a house, it's a good idea to determine what house you are going to buy, whether you buy it to be used as a permanent residence and used for WFH, or will be rented out.
This of course will affect your choice of buying a house, especially with regard to the location of the house you are going to buy and also the price of the house you are going to buy.
Because the house that is purchased for rent should be close to the city center because it will be more promising, while the house for permanent residence you can adjust to your needs, friend.

3. See the facilities available

Remember, friend, before buying a new house, especially during a pandemic like now, it's a good idea to pay attention to the price of the house as well as the facilities offered to us.
Look for a house with complete facilities, hopefully the facilities are in accordance with what we need, for example, the house has or is close to health facilities which of course can be useful during a pandemic like now, friend.

4. Choose an experienced developer

Basically every house has the same function and principle, usually what distinguishes it is the quality of the developer.
The better the developer, of course the quality of the house built is also good and good, that's why choosing an experienced and qualified developer is a must, friend.

5. Read the details of the home purchase terms

The next tip is to read in detail the terms of buying a house, because there are many technical things that are not explained by the developer that we have to ask so that everything we know and is clear about the house we are buying, one of which is about the interest on installments, and down payment. ) low, let's continue with the last tip, friend.

6. Calculate both installments and down payments

Friend, calculating the installments and down payment correctly before buying a house, of course, this must be done to avoid our finances becoming unhealthy due to buying a house with installments and down payments that are too high.

There are many ways to calculate installments and down payments before buying a house, one of which is with a mortgage calculator or better known as a Mortgage Calculator, there are many calculators that can calculate installments and down payments with accuracy, but the most powerful is the installment calculator from mortgage because it can be used not only in the UK but also throughout the world, then the calculations are fairly complete and detailed, and it is also equipped with monthly and annual loan payment amortization tables.
For those of you who happen to want to buy a house in UK London, of course, you can take advantage of this to get details on home and property purchases


Friend, buying a house during a pandemic, there is nothing wrong with it, which is important, you have to pay attention to the tips that I convey so that the purchase of the house does not burden your finances and you get a house with facilities according to your needs.
If you are dizzy in calculating the installments and down payment, of course, you can use the mortgage calculator to get a value that matches your financial capabilities, friend.
So are you ready to own a house during a pandemic, friend? (RAA)

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