7 games that are suitable to be played while waiting for the time to break the fast

Apa? Hello, loyal readers of reviewapaaja.com, how about the fast? There's no breaking the fast yet, bro? This time I will share information which is certainly interesting for all of you, especially those of you who like to play games and are fasting, what is that info? Come on, friend.

In the month of Ramadan or the month of fasting, usually we will feel confused about what to do while waiting for the time to break the fast, usually there are many things that can be done while waiting for the time to break the fast, such as taking a walk to find food to break the fast or the cool name is called "Ngabuburit".
However, for gamers, the most fun activity while waiting for the time to break the fast is playing games, in my writing this time I will recommend 5 exciting games that you can play while waiting to break your fast.

Plays.org a multi-game platform

There are lots of exciting games in this world, but for those of us who are in the gamers class, buying cool games or expensive game consoles such as PS5 or Nintendo Switch and assembling a Gaming PC (Personal Computer) will certainly drain your wallet.

So what is the solution?

There are many solutions, for those of you who happen to have a regular PC that is not an expensive Gaming PC, you can play using a platform called Plays.org.

Why should you use Plays.org? because here you can choose various game categories that you like, such as puzzles, arcades, board games, and many more game categories that you can choose to play.
The good thing is that these games are free for you to play, buddy without paying a penny, all you need is a browser to open the Plays.org and don't forget an internet connection, friend, oh yes 1 more playing games here you will feel comfortable because of the platform This game does not have a single ad that interferes with your comfort in playing the game.

Recommended games from reviewapaaja.com are light and cool to play

Of the many cool games on plays.org, there are 7 cool games that I recommend for those of you who want to play cool games while waiting for the time to break their fast, what are those? Come on, listen to my friend:

1. Pac Rat

Pac Rat is the first game that I recommend for you friends, this Pac Man-inspired game is very fun to play, at first the enemies that chase us are very easy to avoid but the higher the level we play, the more difficult the enemy becomes.

The mission of Pac Rat is very simple, we have to collect all the cheese in the game arena to win the game while avoiding chasing cats, and we are given a large piece of cheese that can turn us into a strong mouse capable of eating chasing cats.

2. Neon Invaders

In the early days of the Nintendo console there was a game called space invaders, now on Plays.org there is a very similar game called Neon Invaders, this game has a mission to destroy all the aliens while avoiding the alien's shot.

This one game is very fun to play, besides that the graphics of this game are quite pleasing to the eye because of the bright colors used.

3. Minigolf World

Minigolf World is a game with an addictive mini golf theme, in this game you have to put a golf ball into the hole using a few strokes so you can get a high score or three stars.

But the longer the game is played the more difficult the playing area becomes, and the more difficult it will be to get a golf ball into the hole quickly, don't you believe it? Come on, try this game.

4. Fight Viruses

Fight Virus is a simulation game with a theme that is quite interesting, namely fighting viruses, in this game we have to eliminate viruses that appear when patients enter the hospital and try to cure patients who come to the hospital.

This game looks easy but with more and more patients coming to the hospital the virus will appear more and more and we will be pressed for time to get rid of all the viruses.

Seeing the theme of the game fight virus, it feels like we are looking at the real world that is being hit by the corona virus pandemic, if defeating the corona virus pandemic was as easy as defeating the virus in the game fight virus, it would certainly be very fun right.

5. Air War 1941 2

The next light game that I recommend for you is Air War 1941 2, as the name suggests, this game is set in World War 2, here we control a fighter plane and shoot down enemies and collect coins to get points.

In this game, we have to avoid the enemy and pay attention to the fuel of the fighter planes that we control, the longer we play the enemy will be more and more difficult to bring down, friend.

6. Footstar

The next game is a ball-themed game called Footstar, this one game can make us feel excited because from the start, this game is very difficult, especially for those of you who want to aim for the perfect victory or get 3 stars.

This game has a system that is very easy to understand because we only need to put the ball into the goal while collecting stars, it didn't take long to understand how to play this game but it took a long time for us to successfully collect three stars in the game.

7. The Sorcerer

The last game that I recommend is a game called The Sorcerer, this game is not an adventure game, my friend, but a game that has the same concept as the Zuma game.

You only match colored balls to make them explode until the series of balls runs out, for those of you who love zuma this game is perfect for you friends.


Friends, for those of you who are fasting and are confused about what to do while waiting for the time to break the fast, it's a good idea to try the games I recommended above, besides being light, these games are very exciting to play, friend.
Alright buddy, I hope my writing this time is useful for all of you, see you later, my next writing, buddy, see you.(RAA)

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